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Elagh Tree Surgery

Looking for a tree surgeon in Northern Ireland? Need a tree survey in the Derry, Donegal, Tyrone or further afield? Elagh Tree Surgery can provide the services you require, call us on 07715 539444 and get a free quote.

Tree removal can be a dangerous task for a do-it-yourself project, especially if the tree in question is dead, diseased or large as a result we provide a range of affordable professional services.

Services We Provide

Tree MaintenanceOur tree Maintenance service provides a comprehensive range of pruning services.

Felling ServiceOccasionally a tree has to be removed. It may have died or been severely damaged. Our Specialized equipment and training enables us to remove most trees safely and efficiently.

Branch RemovalIf tree branches become dangerous or an annoyance we can remove them completely or trim them back so the branches are no longer on your property.


Tree TrimmingTrimming and shaping a tree will give it that aesthetic look that you have been looking for, while protecting your tree from storms and harsh winds.

Stump Grinding Our stump grinding service can remove the smallest to the largest of tree stumps, even in the most difficult locations.

Firewood And Chipping We re-cycle all our waste material and can deliver dried and split logs ready for the fire. We can also supply fresh woodchip.